Our responsibility

Our responsibility

At webuyanyhouse.net we are dedicated to reducing our carbon footprint and preserving our planet for the future generations. Safeguarding nature and adopting sustainable practices is a part of our culture and we are strongly committed to minimizing our impact on the environment.        

We recognize that taking action to protect the planet is crucial, so we encourage everyone to join our efforts and adopt sustainable practices in their businesses.

At We Buy Any House we have adopted paperless policies across all our offices and try to keep our correspondence and documentation digital whenever possible.

We have integrated sustainability in every aspect of our business – our offices use energy efficient lighting and appliances, powered by renewable energy sources. In our efforts to do the most we can to preserve the environment and reduce pollution, our company has put energy conservation and recycling policies.

We Buy Any House proudly sponsors Goals for Peace – a social and educational sports foundation based in Colombia which aims to empower and educate children.

  Goals for Peace teaches kids that they can achieve peace and success through positive behaviour and by embracing positive values such as respect, tolerance and self-discipline. The development of children and young people as individuals also enables them to play a part in the emergence of a culture of peace in their communities, using sport and education for personal and community development.

We aim to regularly host entertaining fund raising events and bake sales for our employees and donate the funds to various local and national charities. We invite all employees and colleagues from neighboring offices to donate an amount of their choice for cupcakes and home made sweets and refreshments.