Selling property due to relocation

We Buy Any House understands that relocating on a short notice can be a frantic experience, whether you are relocating abroad or in the UK.

We can help you sell your home quickly and take care of the whole process, while you focus on all details around your relocation. Our in-house legal advisers will arrange all paperwork, pay all fees and you send you the cash upon completion of sale – you could have your funds as quickly as 7 days.

The first steps to selling your home as quickly as possible begin with you – decide which belongings you want to keep and take to your new home and which you wish to dispose of. Most home owners do not realize how much furniture and clutter they have in their homes until it’s time to move out. Once you have decluttered, carry out necessary repairs and prepare your house for the sale. When using our fast cash offer, you won’t need to worry about staging your property for buyers, people marching through your home, sale chains and how long the whole process would take.

When selling with We Buy Any House, you are guaranteed a cash offer, no matter what condition the property is in. Our team have successfully dealt with repossession, divorce and selling inherited properties and have helped hundreds of home owners have a quick and hassle-free relocation. Our specially tailored selling options guarantee you get the best deal for your situation. Get in touch with us to get your obligation-free cash offer in the next 24 hours.

Why should you choose us?

We specialise in quick sales – transaction speed can be of the essence when selling your home to relocate. Once the sale is complete, we can quickly transfer the money directly into your bank account. We don’t rely on banks or investors to fund us – we are one of the few companies able to genuinely offer a 7 day sale. Unlike with a traditional sales methods, it’s highly unlikely our transaction will fall through, meaning you can act with confidence. Selling to us is simple because we do all the legwork and we’ll even cover your legal fees. At We Buy Any House we will go out of our way to communicate effectively and answer any questions you may have about the process.

How does it work?

Get in touch with us using the contact form on our website or call 0800 058 8112. We will carefully estimate your property value and offer the best price for your home.

We will be in touch in 24 hours with a no-obligation, free house valuation and cash offer. Each offer is tailored to the home owner and their property.

Take your time to consider our offer and sales options. You can always turn down an offer if you are not happy with our price. We will never urge you to make a decision.

Sell your property for cash with We will take care of the whole process and pay all legal fees. It’s fast, hassle-free and will not cost you a penny.