Here is how to sell with bad neighbours

Here is how to sell with bad neighbours

You have made a decision to sell your home, gone through the steps of increasing your property value, checked with property cash buyers and real estate agents, got your home valuation and took care of every factor you can control. At this stage only a few things can fail your house sale and one of them is your neighbours. Although they might not necessarily be bad people, their lifestyle and property value might negatively affect your house sale. Your neighbours can cause all sorts of issues affecting your home value and put off potential buyers. If their property is not well maintained, the value of your house may drop as well. Raising animals with no hygienic standards, causing unpleasant odours to spread throughout the neighbourhood, hoarding, consistent noise pollution and anti-social behaviour are just a few examples of how bad neighbours could affect your life standard and potential house sales. On some occasions they may be occupying land which legally belongs to someone else or cause other legal disputes which can reduce the sale price with thousands. “HELLISH neighbours can be used to wrangle thousands of pounds off the asking price of a home – but estate agents are breaking trading regulations by failing to tell buyers about local issues, according to research” says a news article.

What you need to disclose

When asked, home owners are required to provide information about any issues with neighbours which may affect the new home owners, such as land disputes and house maintenance. Although noise disruption may be one of the major reasons you are selling your house, you are not required to put that in writing. Examples of disputes which do not need to be disclosed to new home owners include noise complaints, consistent barking, general arguments In most cases disputes with neighbours do not need to be mentioned, unless if the property and land are affected or if formal complaints were made. The buyer can take home owners to court if they believe that important information has been withheld from them – such is boundary issues and antisocial behaviour which has led to formal disputes. At We Buy Any House we always advise to consult your solicitor if you are unsure about what you need to tell home buyers and what information should be put in writing or contact us to buy your property fast and fuss-free. Related: Sell your house fast for the best price


The Seller’s Property Information Form (SPIF) should be completed by the property seller(s) and answered with accuracy and honesty. The buyer will rely on the answers put in the form, so all information must be correct and complete – it is legally binding and forms a part of the conveyancing contract. The Seller’s Property Information Form is divided in 13 sections covering matters such as services and utilities connected to the property, its occupiers, council tax, environmental matters, boundaries and disputes and complaints. Related: Increase the value of your property

Dealing with problem neighbours

Try speaking to your neighbours before you raise any formal complaints. Having a friendly chat can save you plenty of time, money and stress. If your neighbours’ garden is poorly maintained, offer to give them a hand and help them clear it up. Explain how plenty of rubbish affects your house value and how the price your sell your house for will later on affect their property. If your neighbours refuse to try to resolve the dispute, you can report them to the appropriate authority or local council. Alternatively, you might consider taking your neighbours to court. A trial is time-consuming and could be costly, however on some instances it might be your best option.

We Buy Any House believes that selling your property for cash is your fastest, safest and easiest option. Get in touch to get a cash offer, house valuation and learn more about our flexible sales options. You could try mediation services if speaking to your neighbours does not work and you insist on resolving the disputes prior to house sale. Go to or find a local mediator who may help you at Sometimes it’s best to avoid confrontation and report directly to the authorities. You need to contact the police if you suspect your neighbours are involved in illegal activities or commit criminal offences, harass you or discriminate you in any way. Read more: Moving houses with children

The environmental health department can help you resolve issues such as pollution, sewage problems, pest and vermin coming from a neighbouring property, health risks from unsafe gas and electric installations or dangerous, unregulated building.

Sell fast, even with bad neighbours

Do you just want to sell your home as quickly as possible without dealing with neighbours from hell? We buy any house, in any condition – whether your home suffers from damp, structural issues, bad tenants or you have horrible neighbours, we can help. No matter what issues your property has, you are guaranteed to receive a free house valuation and a tailored cash offer within 24 hours. Our team has been helping home owners for a decade – get in touch to find out how we can help you sell a house with bad neighbours.  We provide flexible selling routes for every home owner, suitable for every property. We are expert property buyers and invest in homes which other companies simply would not. If your home has been labelled as unsellable or you have previously failed to sell it, We Buy Any House quick cash sale is ideal for you. We can buy your property as quickly as 7 days and have the cash transferred directly into you bank account. We will not charge you any fees for our quick cash sale and will pay your conveyancing fees.

By Kristiana Georgieva