How do I sell my house faster?

How do I sell my house faster?

Are you struggling to sell your home quickly? The recommended, hassle-free and fastest option is a quick cash sale with We Buy Any House. We can purchase your property directly from you and pay all the conveyancing fees. You can simply walk away with the agreed amount, as quickly as 7 days. Alternatively, you could sell your home with one of our tailored sales options. If you want to sell your house fast and for the best price using one of our alternative sales routes, you might have to put some time, effort and money to fix any existing structural problems or legal issues related to your property.
Firstly, identify the reason your home isn’t selling fast enough. Is your asking price too high? Does your property need refurbishing? Are there too many bedrooms for a single bathroom? The best way to find out why your home isn’t selling fast enough is to get an expert opinion. Get in touch with us for a no-obligation, free house valuation and expert tip on the best way to sell your house faster. Here are the most common reasons why sales fall through

Your home isn’t selling because it’s in poor condition

To most people their properties have a financial and emotional value. Are you selling the home where you grew up, where some of your best memories were made? Are you upgrading to a bigger family home and need to sell the apartment you bought with hard earned savings? Perhaps you are downgrading to access the cash tied in your property and the house where your children grew up will soon belong to a different family.
Lets be realistic. How well maintained is your home? Is that 80s sofa putting off potential buyers? Does the overall condition of your home show that the property has been taken good care of, for years? If you are trying to sell an inherited property, you might have to modernise it, freshen it up or fix some critical structural issues.

Most first time buyers are looking to move in right away, therefore a leaking roof, damaged piping or poor and potentially dangerous wiring could be the number one reason your home is not preferred by most house buyers. Fix critical issues and make your home as good as possible before transferring it to its new owners. It’s true that it might be costly and time consuming, but it will help and speed up your house sale. Even if your property’s issues are hidden and you believe potential buyers will not spot them until they move in, the surveyors will definitely notice mold, leaks and poor building. There are 3 solutions – either fix any issues your property has, reduce your asking price and wait for the right buyers to show up or choose a quick cash sale with

Your home isn’t selling because the asking price is too high or your house doesn’t fit with the neighborhood house prices

So, you are planning to spend 50,000 to upgrade your home and increase the current value by 80,000. Great, but is it really worth it? Would someone want to spend 400,000 on a property in a neighbourhood where the average house price is 90,000? Would a 30,000 kitchen make sense in a house worth 100,000? Make sure you do the maths before you start upgrading your home. Get in touch with us for a free house valuation and a free expert advice – we can help you sell your home fast, for the best price possible.

It might not be your fault

Your home is in a good condition, you are asking for the right price and you have done your best to sell your home using traditional methods. You still get no enquiries, viewings or potential house buyers and days, weeks, months or even years go by. The fault might not be in you or your property. Your house value might be lower due to neighbors from hell, lack of curb appeal or might have chosen poorly performing estate agents. Look outside yourself and your house – is your neighborhood worse than it was when you first bought your home? Are you sure your estate agents have given you an objective and realistic property valuation and market your house properly? If you can’t figure out why your house won’t sell get in touch – we would be happy to offer you a solution and a free expert advise.

What are your house sales options?

As property cash buyers, at we always invite people to get in touch for a free house valuation and cash offer. Purchasing houses for cash is our fastest and guaranteed sale method, however we offer flexible and tailored solutions to best fit with your property and situation. We have the funds to purchase your home and the means to assist you in selling your house faster, for the best price. We buy any house, anywhere, in any condition. Get in touch to discuss your situation and get your free quote, we would be more than happy to help.  

By Kristiana Georgieva