Sell your house fast, for the best price

Sell your house fast, for the best price

There are many real estate sales options – with some you save money but put more time and effort, while with others you can complete the process easily and sell your house fast. Should you list your home for sale yourself, register with an estate agent or use property cash buyers like We Buy Any House? The fastest way to sell your home is by using a property cash buyer like us. By choosing our cash sale option, you could have the funds as quickly as 7 days. Get in touch with us to find out whether a cash sale id your ideal for you and find out how we can help you sell your home quickly. We offer flexible sales options, tailored for each home owner, their property and needs. Choosing a house cash sale with is not the only thing you can do to speed up your property sale. There are many steps you can take to prevent any delays and ensure the sale goes as smoothly as possible.  

Resolve property issues

Make sure your property does not have any structural or legal issues which may turn down potential buyers. Although it may take some time and money to rewire your house or sort out title issues, finding a solution to your property’s problems is essential. Most buyers take a mortgage to buy their new home, which means that the mortgage lender sends a surveyor to decide whether the property is worth the asking price. If the surveyors establish problems which reduce the house value or even worse, make your property unfit for sale, the deal will not take place, as the buyers would not receive the loans they need. If you choose not to upgrade your property and sell it with existing issues, you will receive less for your home and still may not sell your house fast enough. Find out more about selling a problem property  

To sell your house fast, choose the right time

You may want to sell your property quickly in winter months, when potential buyers would most likely not want to come for viewings and will be busy with preparing for the winder celebrations. In this case, your fastest, safest and easiest option is selling your property with us. If you would like to sell your home fast by yourself, start in spring. Listing in March gives you enough time to advertise your property and the upcoming seasons would be appropriate for house viewings and can even make your home look warmer and more welcoming. Read more: How to increase the value of your property  

Find the right agent

Listing your home property on portals like Zoopla and Righmove can only be done by registered and regulated real estate agencies. It may seem as if listing your property yourself will save you a few thousand, however you may not be able to sell your house fast, if you manage to sell it at all. We do advise you use professional services – you may have to pay a fixed price or percentage of your house value, however a good agent would be able to market your property to many different buyers and negotiate a good deal for you. Get in touch with us or fill in the contact form on our website – we offer some of the fastest and most transparent services in the industry.  

Prepare your home for viewings

Removing most of your personal items such as photographs and artwork can help buyers imagine their life in your home. Remove all unnecessary furniture and décor and damaged appliances – get rid of all clutter. Let light in and arrange the furniture in way that makes the rooms look more spacious. Your home can never be too clean – tidy the basement, attic and storage rooms and clean the rest of your home to your best ability. Don’t forget to clean where you usually wouldn’t – dust the blinds and all places difficult to reach. When selling your home, would you take your furniture with you? If you do not plan on taking white goods and expensive pieces of furniture, it may not be worth replacing them before selling the property as you will most likely not recoup their value. However, adding a few nice touches to your living room might help sell your house fast and for a better price. Eliminate bad odours and anything which may cause a negative experience to the buyer – make sure the rooms are well lit and look at their best. Related:  Fees to pay when selling your home

Ask questions

Be prepared to answer any questions the buyers may have – why you want to sell the property, what renovations you have recently made and whether you are aware of any major issues. Buyers will decide if the home is right for them and you need to find out whether they are the right buyers for you. Ask them how they plan to pay for their purchase –if they have the funds available or if their purchase depends on the sale of their current home. In many cases, sales fall through because all parties involved in the sale are a part of a chain. For instance, your house buyers need to sell their home and take a new mortgage to purchase your property. If your buyers’ home doesn’t sell or their buyer’s pull back, your house sale fails as well. One of the easiest, fastest ways to sell your property fast is by using a professional property cash buyer like us. Our cash purchase services are completely free and we will pay your legal fees related to the conveyancing, saving you time, stress and money. Our legal and real estate teams have successfully dealt with property related issues of all sorts – we can help you sell your property as fast as possible for the highest price, or buy your home from you as quickly as 7 days. At We Buy Any House we offer tailored sales options and cash offers – get in touch or request a callback to find out how we can help you.  

By Kristiana Georgieva